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Tim Bielby LMT, CST


I just received a wonderful, caring, massage session from Tim. He was able to read my body's energy and feed it what it needed, and my tired weary soul as well. Thank you very much Tim. You are a treasure.. I would highly recommend Natural Living Massage and Wellness to all of my friends and family. note: the office is in the Gym that used to be there. the blue building for those of you who book a session..April 19, 2016 Thank you for your feedback.

Always nice to hear about how we did and thanks for the recommendation.

Replied on April 19, 2016

I just had the most gentle, relaxing and invigorating massage! Tim literally released knots in my upper back and neck that has had me in pain for a month. The last time I felt relaxation like this was when I did Acupuncture years ago. Never would I have thought I would find such healing hands on Groupon.

Replied on April 19, 2016

Not just another masseur, Tim uses energy flow with massage for total relaxation far beyond meditation. Mindful of boundaries, injuries/healing injuries, and body's response to pressure/massage techniques. Already have my next massage booked!


March 03, 2016

Best massage I've ever had!

January 29, 2016

Incredibly enjoyable experience! Wonderful hands, amiable personality, great professionalism. Highly recommend to come and try for yourself! Thank you so much Tim, you are the top!
He is very knowledgeable and this is the best massage I have ever had..,, deep tissue


I feel wonderful 24 hours later! He really worked out the hidden kinks.


Just relax and enjoy


Worth every penny!


Most amazing massage he took away my back spasms in one visit

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