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Free Introductory

Tai Chi Class

Saturday 11/1/14 at 10:00am

Come to this free introductory class and learn about the benifits of Tai Chi. The movements in Tai Chi are done slowly, smoothly and gracefully and can be used for healing and as a martial art.

Who should come: Anyone looking to reduce stress, improve strength, balance, improve overall health.

What to wear: Loose comfortable clothes

Please call 603 595-8404 to reserve a space


Veterans Wellness Class

Take charge of your mental and physical health

“If you want things in your life to change you have to change things is your life”

Tuesday 8/7/2012 at 7:00pm-8:00pm Class held Tuesday and Thursday nights for 4 weeks. 

This class is for all Veterans, returning Vets or those that have served in the past. Anyone looking to improve their health no matter what they have been through. If you suffer from injuries from serving our country or looking to meet others that are looking to take charge of their health come give it a try. This class use knowledge from traditional martial arts such as, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Kung fu to help you improve your health and mental wellbeing.

Making the decision to take charge of your own mental and physical health is the first step. Taking action is the next step. By educating yourself on ways of improving your health, from eating right, to proper physical movement, to learning techniques and methods to reduce the effects of stress are the next.

We believe that by starting with your physical health leads to improvement in all areas of your life. No matter what challenges you may face you can always take steps to improve and make positive changes. Veterans who have served this country can have some unique challenges that others do not. We have proven results in helping those who have served overcome those challenges.

Who should attend?  Any age or physical ability can attend. The instructors take into consideration any challenges you may be facing.

If you suffer from

  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Head Injury
  • High blood pressure
  • Lack of energy
  • Joint and body pain
  • Looking to lose weight


For More information or to register, contact Tim Bielby LMT, CST @ or call 603 595-8404

Class starting:Tuesday 8/7/2012 at 7:00pm-8:00pm Class held Tuesday and Thursday nights for 4 weeks.  

Location: The Holistic Self Care Center, 12 Murphy drive Nashua, NH 03062 



Natural Qigong Therapy Seminar

Sunday May 20th, 2012  9:00am to 3:00pm

Natural Qigong: The cultivation of one’s natural energy.


Level I:  Awareness, Attunement and Reading Your Body

Natural Qigong Therapy:  Understanding the “4 Aspects” (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual), and how they influence our health and well-being.  Develop the awareness of and ability to potentially release physical and energetic blocks, due to stress, trauma, and our environment.  Learn how to use Natural Qigong Therapy on yourself and loved ones.

  • Evaluate and read your body’s patterns through standing and walking Postural Analysis.
  • Learn to release patterns and/or energy blocks that affect the body’s natural healing ability.
  • Help yourself by helping others. Learning to help others release negative patterns helps us to develop a deeper understanding of our own energy flow.


Natural Qigong: The cultivation of one’s natural energy. Qigong can be grouped into two categories: Natural and Human controlled, in terms of its origins and stages of development. Qigong can also be divided into two types: Artificial and Natural.  Artificial requires certain forms of movement, certain ways to concentrate the consciousness, and certain standards for ways and times of practice.  Natural Qigong has no rigid requirements for practice.


Who Can Attend?

Anyone interested in taking charge of their own health and well-being. Do you have health challenges that have not been helped by traditional methods? Have you had the desire to understand more about energy work?

Levels 1 and 2 are open to all. This is an experiential seminar. Wear loose fitting clothes. Bring your massage table if you have one.

To Register:


Phone:603 595-8404

Location: 263 Main St. Stoneham, MA

Date: Sunday May 20th, 2012    9:00am to 3:00pm

Cost: $175.00


An Introduction to the Lumbar Spine

Date: June 16th at 2-3:30p.m.

June 26th at 7-8:30p.m.


A Lumbar Spine Health and Wellness Seminar

This is ninety minute introductory seminar taught by licensed and qualified therapists and master level instructors with over 25 years experience. During the first portion of the class participants will learn some of the basic anatomy of the low back including bones, muscles, nerves, and relevant soft tissue structures. Under the supervision of the instructors students will then  participate in activities designed to identify strengths and weaknesses that impact low back health. Finally, participants  will learn movements from traditional martial arts to improve lumbar strength and flexibility, decrease lower back pain and promote total body health.


Taught by Master Level Teacher Tim Bielby, LMT, CST and Instructor Dave McIntyre, DPT


Space is limited, so register early.

To register: Email

or call Center For Asian Martial Arts

617 327-5100 for the June 16th session

603 883-1490 for the June 26th session

Located in Shaw’s Plaza, 77 Spring Street, West Roxbury, MA  02132

The Holistic Self Care Center 12 Murphy Dr. Nashua, NH 03062





Who Should attend:

Students, Mothers, Daughters, Wife’s, Sisters, Working Woman - Anyone looking to increase awareness and Build Self-Confidence

Class Description:

The goal of the Women's Self-Defense Seminar is simple - empowering you to fight back against crime.

How? :  By providing you training and Education in:

  • Awareness
  • Prevention
  • Risk reduction
  • Risk avoidance; and
  • Self-realization of your own physical power

These tools greatly increase your personal protection options to combat crime.   The paradox of self-defense is that the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to need it.   When you can recognize and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, you are more confident in your everyday activities.   You are also less likely to become a target of crime.

This Will Be an Exciting & Fun Class for All


WHEN:  June 5th, 2012 – 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (AGES 13 & UP)

WHERE: Holistic Self-Care Center, 12 Murphy Drive, Nashua

COST:   $25 per person – (Mothers/Daughter) $40 ($10 add’l)

WHAT TO WEAR:  Wear sneakers and loose clothing


Register – (603) 883-1490 or email at


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